December 2, 2014

12 Days of Tips #1: Window Light Portraits

Todays tip comes from one of our wonderful Feature Photographers, Rozalind Ewashina. Check out her work in person at Exposure and on her website

In honour of the recent chilly weather the prize for today’s post is warm yet functional. Details at the end of the post.

Need some help shooting a beautiful portrait of someone you love during the Christmas Season (or any season?)

Because I shoot a lot of weddings I try to minimize the amount of stuff that I need to carry. I also find that there is no time to set up lights to get the “perfect” shot, which is usually a candid moment and has to be taken in a snap.

The way to achieve your perfect shot without all the muss and fuss is to find a nice big window and start from there. Window light is one of my favourite things because it’s soft and natural (and if you have a light or sheer curtain it can work great for diffusing light even more).

For the most natural looking light, place the subject so that the window light is hitting their face (not so that their back is to the window – because then you will get a dark subject and a really bright window).

Rozalind Ewashina Window Light Portrait

Rozalind Ewashina Window Light Portrait

Then you’ll want to position yourself as close to the window as possible with your back to it. This will allow you to see the way the light is hitting the subjects face.

You can position them so the light is falling across their face evenly or add drama but having them turn their face slightly away from the light.

To get the most accurate results, make sure your camera is on manual mode and is set so you can choose a single focus point. That way you will remain in complete control.

Looking for more in-depth explanations on lighting and posing?  Have a look at long list of great photography classes coming in the new year.

Without further ado the prize for today’s post is a pair of “why didn’t I have these 5 years ago!” Freehands gloves! See the contest rules for details on how to enter and snag yourself a pair!
Freehands Gloves

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