Nice to meet you!

"It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humaness."

-Paul Strand

I love people.

I love people who are open and loud like me.

But I also love the ones who are quiet and reserved.

The ones that are hardest to get to know are usually the most worth knowing. 

I love my family.

Not every kid that calls me Mom is my own. 

I understand how fleeting time is.

And because of that I cherish long talks with teenage girls around my kitchen counter.

Even when the conversations are hard.

My son loves BIG love and doesn't care about winning. For that he is my hero.

I cheer for both teams even though my daughters roll their eyes. Unlike Jack they are always out to win. 

Their dedication and determination make them my hero's also. 

I believe in collaboration.

We create better things when we share ideas and learn from one another.

I love getting down on the ground with kids.

I love to throw myself dramatically into the sand.

I love how they look at their Mom silently asking "Is this lady for real?" 

I love their big belly laughs.

I love it most when they don't want their session to end.

I love people. Truly and genuinely. 

It's what makes me a good photographer.


PS - I made those people in that photo - I think they are pretty awsome!