December 20, 2013


Ever since I got my iPhone 5 I have been enthralled with the panorama setting in the native Camera app. There is something about being able to easily create a sweeping image that is very satisfying.

There are several challenges presented in the creation process and I feel the best solution would actually incorporate a monopod or tripod of some sort. That would allow for more consistent results but might take away from the freedom of being able to shoot a panorama spontaneously and without dragging around “photography equipment.”

Panorama-1An early attempt that suffered from the normal stability drift at the beginning and end of the pan.

Panorama-2This picture illustrates the issues with moving subjects while you are panning.

Panorama-3Panning quickly can freeze action a bit better since the subjects may appear in only one “frame.”

Panorama-5Panoramas are great for interiors, even in narrow buildings.

Panorama-6Getting the correct exposure setting before you scan can be challenging but is vital.

Panorama-7Finding a good vantage point will improve landscapes.

Panorama-8Include a focal point.

Panorama-9In landscapes, the sky is your friend.

Dennis Owen

Photographer at Exposure



  1. Elizabeth

    Gorgeous, Dennis! I love these photos. Well done!

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