July 12, 2014

Photographer Spotlight: Ronny Revillard

Campbell Lake Fishing (960x)

We had a chance to catch up with Ronny, who was chosen for the Exposure Photographer Spotlight for the month of July.  Here’s what he had to say about his selected photo and his photographic adventures.

What is your favourite style of photography to shoot?

I really enjoy landscape photography.  I’ve always liked it actually.  It’s what I’ve been exposed to the most but it’s hard to pick one favourite style. For me it’s really about story telling. You can capture a thousand photos that don’t say anything. I’m looking for that one frame that tells a story.

What is your favourite style to view?

Portrait photography but not typical portraits. More like high-end advertising and beauty, like the work of Joe Edelman. He’s done some great shots with just white backgrounds and walls.  He just used two strobes and filled everything with white. Everything just glowed. I actually started building my own white wall.

What’s the story behind your shot?

We were invited to an annual camping trip at Campbell Lake and I brought my camera just in case. I was exploring the shoreline for some separation between the shore and the water and found some green vegetation and got down and started trying some shots. I was watching the boaters do their rounds and spotted the sunlight peeking over the mountains and knew this was a great shot to tell a story.  I thought they had a fish on the line and was hoping it would jump out of the water, but it didn’t. Maybe next time.

I’d actually like to go to Scuitto lake. It’s a man made lake nearby with a lot of dead trees.  It has a lot of character. Good for telling a story.

What drives you photographically?

The end result.  When you create something and get other people excited about it. I do it for me, not other people, but you feel really good about the picture when other people appreciate it, it’s gravy.

Where do you see yourself in five years photographically?

I want to keep it as a hobby. When you do it as a job it adds a lot of stress. I want to keep doing it and keep bettering myself.

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