September 27, 2014

Photographer Spotlight: Sean Adams

Lightning Strike

We met our latest Spotlight photographer Sean Adams one sunny afternoon in the shop. As we often do here we got engrossed in a great conversation about different aspects of photography. Being that Kamloops just had a wave of storms come through our conversation soon turned to lightning. Sean told us a story about his recent adventure in one of the storms and subsequently revealed this fantastic shot. We knew right away we wanted to showcase it and Sean was ecstatic. It wasn’t just the WOW factor of the massive lightning bolt and the visible strike on the mountain that made us want to feature Sean, but his attitude and excitement toward photography in general.  Having that kind of enthusiasm and passion is something we always look for in our Spotlight photographers.

Have a read through our interview and get to know the person behind the photo.

What is your favourite style of photography to shoot?

My favourite thing to shoot is definitely people. The people that I have had the most fun with are the people that have no idea that they are my subject. Street Photography is amazing and truly captures the person with all of their emotions, concerns, happiness, etc.  I do also really enjoy landscapes as they let you embrace your surroundings and the solitude of nature.

What is your favourite style to view?

I enjoy viewing what I enjoy shooting; people. I mainly enjoy street photography; it is so unique and really focuses on the moment that someone is experiencing.

What’s the story behind your shot?

I have always wanted to truly take my time and get a great lightning shot but I have always managed to be in the middle of a storm that didn’t cooperate. The night that this occurred (August 19, 2014) I knew that there was some lightning in the area and I was considering going to take some shots but I didn’t feel like getting wet. My wife called me from the basement and told me I was missing an incredible show. I decided to take a look and found that we were in the middle of a great dry lightning storm. How great was that, a dry lightning storm. So I grab my gear and headed down to the end of street where I knew I would have the best vantage point. Well the picture states the rest; I stayed there for about an hour and a half and managed to capture this amazing photo of lightning striking the ground on Mount Paul above Kamloops.

What got you started in photography?

I have been involved in photography since I was a young child. My Father was passionate about photography and would regularly use me as his subject. I remember many times taking pictures with him and then following him into the dark room to process the photos. I was always more interested in the red light bulb, but to this day I love the smell of the chemicals that you would smell when entering the dark room. As I grew older I developed a passion for photography. I mainly stuck to higher end point and shoot cameras that I loved for their versatility and portability. In the last year I decided that I needed to try a DSLR. Immediately it sparked a love for photography in me that was never there before. I was amazed at how much more I could do and the quality of my photos where different, I would say better, they just popped. It completely opened up a new world of creativity that I have never had before. Well that was enough for me; I never want to put down my camera anymore.

What drives you photographically?

More than anything it is the ability to create a story with one picture. I am not particularly interested in staging; I like to capture a moment that can tell a story like no other. I do stage some things but I really enjoy capturing the moment.

Where you see yourself in five years photographically?

In five years I would hope to be doing the same that I am doing now with more experience behind me. I would love to have some of my photos published and be known as a creative photographer by my peers.

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