February 18, 2014


dmo-1There is an old boy scout maxim about always being prepared. This holds true for photographers as well.

Life is change. Street and people photographers know this.

Any landscape photographer will tell you that lighting conditions are in a constant state of flux.

I was reminded of this yesterday and was punished for not stopping the car and reacting when I should have. Barely a moment after seeing the picture, the amazing light had changed completely. I will go back and try again at this place, but that moment has gone.

You need to be ready to react quickly to capture a fleeting moment before it is gone. It could be amazing light on a hillside, the antics of a child or just a confluence of coincidences forming a “decisive moment.”

“Where is your camera?” a former editor of mine would stop and ask new photographers who were heading out of the office for lunch or to run an errand. He felt that if you were not carrying a camera with you at all times, you were not prepared and therefore not a truly serious photographer. He was right.

The checklist: memory card in camera, battery charged, camera within reach.

Eyes open.


Dennis Owen
Photographer at Exposure

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