I believe everyone should have access to professional photography. To make that possible Exposure has packages to fit every budget. I shot my first wedding 20 years ago on an old film camera. I learned to take images in camera the way I want them to look. What this means for you is that there aren't extra hours spent correcting exposure and composition when I am editing your images. Whatever editing happens is just the juicy extra bits! That means I am not charging you for that extra time. 


Our studio is located on an acre of property which means I can shoot both indoors and outdoors all in one spot. I shoot here every day so I know the light and the surroundings. It's easy work for me! So unless you want to shoot somewhere off site that savings is also passed on to you. 


$100 for 5 images on site

$200.00 for 12 images on site

$300.00 for 25 images on site

$350.00 for 25 images on location

$200.00 for 7 Newborn and under 4 months images on site