June 2, 2014

So, what is Collab-tography?

Collab-tography Definition

The simple explanation is that it’s just as it sounds, a hybrid of collaboration and photography. Collab-tography! But what does that mean?

Collab-tography is about learning together in a collaborative group environment while shooting unique and interesting subjects. These sessions won’t be your typical portrait or lighting workshops. They are less about us teaching you and more about experimenting as a group and learning together. We supply the idea, subject, and space; you bring your camera, imagination, and creativity.
Oh, and a smile : )

We wanted to find a way to bring local photographers together to have fun, learn from each other, and get creative. It’s a chance to network, make friends, and try something new in a casual, fun environment. Join us for all of the above and more!

Scenes from Above” the theme for our first series but we have many more great themes lined up for the next sessions in the series. Stay tuned!

Collab-tography Lower Crop

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